V3 oplader voor LiPo/LiFe 2S/3S

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Eenvoudige en snelle lader voor LiPo batterijen met led indicatie.


Quick and easy to use charger with balancer. This charger is compact and light witch can charge 2S/3S Li-ion/LiPo & LiFe battery pack, especially there is a corresponding balance port for each cells.

The charger has two diodes indicating the operating mode.
Use the switch to select the type of battery to charge – LiPO or LiFe.
The charger does not have the option of loading two packages at the same time!

After connecting to the power supply, both LEDs will light up.
The LED on the left informs us that the charger is connected to the power supply and to the right with the status of the battery being charged.
Red means charging, after charging the LED will be blue.

If the right LED flashes red, stop charging immediately, it means a malfunction.

Charger parameters:
– input voltage: 100-240V AC, 50/60 Hz
– output current: 0,8 A

We recommend buying an alarm / meter for LiPo batteries to easily and quickly monitor the battery condition.


* *ONLY* for 7,4V/11,1V LiPo/LiFe batteries
* Charging two batteries at same time is forbidden, *ONLY* one package at one time

NOTICE! The charger is covered only by starting warranty.

NOTE! Deze oplader is bedoelt voor binnengebruik, laat hem niet onbeheerd achter
NOTE! Deze oplader horizontaal gebruiken, en weg houden van ontvlambare objecten
NOTE! Gebruik de lader entel tot 30° kamertemperatuur en dek hem niet af
NOTE!Do not leave batteries charging on flammable surfaces, wood surface or carpet.
NOTE!Cut off the power supply before connect or disconnect the charger with batteries.
NOTE!Don’t try to disassemble the charger, High voltage inside, danger!

Never leave the battery pack unattended. Especially do not connect it to the charger for the whole night!
When charging the battery, it is recommended to put it in the “safety battery charging bag”.
Avoid short-circuits and mechanical damage to the battery.
Mechanical damage or improper battery charging may lead to the fire of the battery!

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